AP 2

The Messier Catalogue

Open cluster M41 directly south of Sirius, in Canis Major.

Globular clusters M19 (top arrow) and M62 (below) in Ophiuchus; with (a) HIP 84297. Jun 10 2015, 0107 IST.

Globular clusters M4 (blue arrow) and M80 (white arrow) in Scorpius; with (a) mag 1.05 Antares. Jun 11 2015, 0019 IST.

The magnificent Sagittarius region

Containing 15 Messier objects; starforming nebula M17, the Swan nebula; open clusters M18, M23 and M25; M24, the Sagittarius Star Cloud and, in Serpens Cauda, starforming nebula M16, the Eagle Nebula. With (a) mu Sgr. April 22 2015, 0441 IST…

Supernova remnant M1, the celebrated Crab Nebula in Taurus (arrowed). A brilliant daylight object as viewed from Earth in the year 1054. With zeta Tauri (1). Nov 3 2014, 0142 UT.

Open cluster M103 (white arrow) amid the endless starfields of Cassiopeia, with non-Messier open cluster NGC 663 (red arrow); also the superb Double Cluster NGC 869/884 (red curve) in Perseus. With (a) Ruchbah and (b) Segin, delta and epsilon Cas. Nov 3 2014, 0411 UT.

Reflection nebula M78 in Orion (arrowed); with (a) the Flame Nebula (NGC 2024) east of Alnitak; open cluster Collinder 70 centred on Alnilam (b), and open cluster NGC 2112 centre-left (c). Nov 15 2014, 0037 UT.