AP 2

The Summer Triangle


Famed asterism of the summer skies, consisting of (1) Vega, Alpha Lyrae, 3rd brightest star of the Northern Hemisphere at magnitude 0.0; (2) Altair, Alpha Aquilae, 8th brightest (mag. 0.8) and (3) Deneb, Alpha Cygni, 14th brightest at mag 1.3.




A Geminid meteor captured at 2334UT on Dec 13 2013, mid thin cloud and bright moonlight. Jupiter dominates, with, from top, Castor, Pollux and Procyon.


Lunar West


11-day waxing gibbous, DSLR with Celestron 8SE, UT 1738 Jan 12 2014


Jupiter and the Galileans


Mighty Jupiter and its four major satellites, first documented by Galileo in 1610. From top: Callisto, Europa, Io and Ganymede. Imaged with DSLR and 8″ SCT, Dec 19 2013, UT 2354; from Limerick, Ireland.


Crescent Venus


The 13%-illuminated Venusian crescent, 20 days prior to inferior conjunction, 1642 UT Dec 22 2013


Jupiter – the King of Planets, raw image


Dec 2013.


Lunar Close-up


Western Hemisphere of the Moon, including craters Plato (1), Aristarchus (2), Copernicus (3) and Kepler (4); also Sinus Iridum (5) and  Mare Imbrium (6). Jan 2014.


Mercury, Jan 28 2014


DSLR, left; 8″ SCT, right