Messier II

Mighty spiral galaxy M31, in Andromeda. Diameter ~ 250,000 LY, distance ~ 2.5 million LY, total stars ~ 1 trillion. 

Red arrow – elliptical (spheroidal) galaxy M110. Blue arrow – elliptical galaxy M32.  Nov 19 2014, 1811 UT.

Below – widefield M31 

Prototype planetary nebula M57, the Ring Nebula (red arrow), and globular cluster M56 (blue arrow), both in Lyra. With Sulafat (a), gamma Lyrae. Nov 19 2014, 1830UT.

Globular cluster M15 in Pegasus (arrowed). With Enif, epsilon Pegasi (a) and delta Equulei (b). Nov 19 2014, 1835 UT.

Open cluster M34 in Perseus. With (1) 14 Per. Jan 13 2015, 0120UT.     Open cluster M48 in Hydra. With (2) HIP 40057. Jan 13 2015, 0116UT.

Spiral galaxies M65 (blue line) and M66 (red line), which together with non-Messier NGC 3628 (a), comprise the celebrated ‘Leo Triplet’ galaxy group. With (1) 73 Leo. Jan 19 2015, 0041 UT.

The The Coma-Virgo Cluster

A vast galactic assembly which exerts a physical influence on the Local Group from a distance of ~60M LY; contains 16 Messier objects

Globular cluster M3 in Canes Venatici, against a background of 15-day moonlight. With (a) HIP 67782. Feb 5 2015, 0113 UT

Open cluster M67 in Cancer. With (a) Acubens, alpha Cancri. Feb 16 2015, 0305 UT.

Spiral galaxies M95 (blue arrow) and M96 (red arrow), and elliptical galaxy M105 (green arrow) in Leo. With (a) 53 Leonis. Feb 16 2015, 0308UT