Bridget Conroy

January 2008

Ireland’s most senior citizen has died.

Bridget Conroy passed away on Wednesday at the age of 107. Miss Conroy, who was from Connemara, Co Galway, was born in 1900.

She was due to celebrate her 108th birthday in April.


Living some years beyond 100, in our part of the world, is a testament to remarkable human beings. Last week Bridget Conroy died in Lettergesh… an area between Letterfrack and Leenane in Connemara.

She emigrated in the 1920s and came back to live the rest of her life on the edge of the Atlantic in 1968. She was in her 108th year; she was probably Ireland’s oldest person.

Herself and her sister, Dymphna – lived together as they passed out the 100 mark. Dymphna died at 102.

To put Bridget’s age in some sort of context she was 39 when World War II broke out. She lived a great and venerable life – may herself and her sister find eternal peace in the cemetery near Tullycross.