AP 26

Fireball One


Impressive interloper est at mag -7, travelling from the direction of Alphard past the obscured Sirius. 10 day Moon in Cancer. Timestamp on image.

Fireball Two


Est at mag -5, on right (east), moving beneath the general Cygnus-Cassiopeia region. Also a 10 day Moon, on left, in Virgo.

Fireball Three


Widely seen around the country, clouded conditions at observer’s location, possibly mag -8, from Pisces through Aquarius. Third capture in seven months on this camera system represents a higher rate than expected.

Fireball Four


Affording a rare direct comparison with Venus (top centre); est at 5x brighter or mag -6, traversing the general Aries-eastern Pegasus region. Aldebaran also visible in shot. 4th captured fireball in 393 days.

Bright Meteor


Judged as not quite fireball status; est mag -3, in the Aquarius region (lower left). 5th capture in 659 days.