AP 10


Nov 25 2014, 1739 UT; 3-day moon

Rocket booster fuel dump

Following the launch of a satellite from California on Dec 13 2014 at 0320 UT, a fuel dump resulted in a bright comet-like cloud becoming visible in otherwise clear skies, as recorded above at 0552, which drifted and faded over the next ~30 mins (1) zeta Herculis and (2) Alphecca.

Algol, The Demon Star

Asteroid (10) Hygiea

Discovered 1849 by de Gasparis, diameter 250 miles (4th largest), dist. 225 million miles, mag 10.4 (arrowed). With (1) Tejat, mu Gem. Jan 13 2015,0134UT.

Venus – Mercury close approach

Crescent Moon – new record

Jan 21 2015, 1708 UT; 27 hours 54 minutes after New.

Comet 15/P – Finlay

Having undergone a temporary outburst in December 2014 and again in January, Comet Finlay (blue line) has declined to mag ~9.5 in this image. Discovered from South Africa by William Finlay in September 1886. With (a) HIP 114864 in Pisces. Jan 22 2015, 1846 UT.

Moon Halo

Broad and intense halo circling the 12-day moon, limited here to a 1.6 second exposure. Feb 1 2015, 2341UT. With Jupiter (left) and Betelgeuse (lower right); Castor, Pollux and Procyon enclosed within.